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Arm Wrestling
'Hello, my name is Bill Collins, 5 time World Armwrestling Champion and Captain of TEAM USA Armwrestling is not the bar room sport as it's been perceived. There are several professional organizations and television shows that support this sport and it is soon to be recognized in the Olympics. Armwrestling is the fastest sport on this earth. Speed, technique, power and strategy are key elements for countering offensive and defensive moves that have to be made with spontaneous split second decisions. Cross training is so important and it involves hand, grip, wrist, forearm, tendons, finger and arm strength.
These key elements can not be done with one single exercise or a single piece of equipment. Tendons have to be conditioned and strengthened for several weeks and can be accomplished by pulling stationary cables and bands. The wrist, fingers and arm can develop strength from wrist and arm curls, stationary cable pulls, and pinching weights as you lift them. Every part of the arm plays an important role. The forearm has several different muscles and most exercises only reach a certain group of these muscles and unless you have a full blown gym at your disposa,l your forearm is not getting the maximum from your work out.

I've noticed huge stength gains in my top and lower forearm along with grip strength using the Gripstik. It's a piece of equipment that can be used during set down time, office breaks. It packs real easy when I'm traveling on business and is also very inexpensive. You get a total forearm, wrist and hand work out any time and any place with out going to a gym. Controlling the match is the objective of armwrestling and when all the key elements of your arm are prepared it's the success of winning championships. The Gripstik is part of my total arm work out and has been instrumental with conditioning, strengthening and developing my grip and forearms that's needed continue my success as a world Armwrestling Champion.

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Top ten reasons why I excel at my sport
You have to believe in yourself. The pain and soreness from training is unlike any pain you may encounter from a normal work out.
There are several different work outs for your body, but you go beyond the normal routine and find exercises that target those special areas for conditioning and strengthening; special tools, special equipment (store bought and home made). No work on this earth targets tendons and very few for gripping…
Concentrate on eating right. Don't get hung up on diets that change your proper eating habits and don't eat foods that increse risk factors. The proper nutrition is a huge factor to help make huge gains and speedy recoveries. Eat natural food. One product that is a huge factor and is a part of my every day life a natural product called Xango. It's loaded with major anti-inflammatory vitamins and other great ingredients that have scientific validation. Tthis product is amazing. Not only for nutrition but for major aches and pains and associated health problems. You can find this info on www.goxango.com/collins & www.xango.com discounted rate are applies by using I.D #4604206.
Special training tips:  

Speed & technique are things that a gym can't provide for you. To become a champion, you'll need to train with someone that can show you these special tips. Speed comes from reflexes and is very important in armwreslting. Exploding on your starts by telling yourself “ready go” while pulling bands and cables will enhance your reflexes. The are several types of techniques with hooking being the most common for beginners.

Hooking is when you turn your wrist inward to your body and push down toward a table were your arm is resting.

Dragging is when you curl your wrist to your face and drag them across the table or into you chest.

Over the top is the most difficult but is the most effective when performed correctly; keep your knuckles pointing upward and act like your pouring a soda in a shirt pocket (chest on opposite of the arm you are pulling with). You are extending their arm away from their forearm and body while in a flex forearm position. This causes their wrist to bend backwards causing them to extend their power and lose leverage.

Break arm position:
I've seen 23 busted arms in this sport, and while only about 10% are freak accidents with very little explanation, the other 90% are from bad position. Never let your shoulder go in front of your arm that you are pulling with and always look at your hand that you pulling with. Never turn and look away from the hand your pulling with. 90% of the busted arms are spiral breaks. The femur gets into a torqued position and can't withstand the rotational loads. It happens very fast with out notice. Usually a plate or rod has to be inserted when this occurs, if this every happen pull the busted arm close to the body and keep it from moving so it won't damage the radial nerve

Secret Strategy:  
Now if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret!!! Needless to say what works for me may not work for you. You have to create a technique that works for you. The structure of your body, length of your arm and size of hand area are key factors that come into play when strategizing effectiveness.
Psychological tricks:  
Look and feel intimidating. Picture only one thing and that is their hand hitting the pin pad. Concentrate on the ready go and keep in mind that they have to beat you, not the other way around. Think win!!
Weight training:  
Get the total body work out; you're using every muscle in your body when armwrestling, especially your legs. To create a hard hit from the start, you're pushing off with your legs. Do hammer curls, wrist curls, pinching weights, pulling tendons, and bust the top and bottom of your forearms with the Gripstik. Use the Gripstik with your finger tips as it will increase your grip tremendously. Don't just concentrate on your arm target, the whole body.
Table time:  
You can play with your friends and family at parties, school or at work, but to become a champion, you have to have table time. Practice on a real armwrestling table, not on the picnic or kitchen table. An armwrestling table is 26”wide, 38” long, and 42” from the ground to the top of the elbow pad. The elbow pad is 7”x7”. It's very important to learn how to create a powerful hit from the start without coming off the elbow pad. Table time is the only true way for success as a professional armwrestler. Most professional armwrestlers will not armwrestle you on anything but an armwrestling table.
Life Long Dream:  
Wow, I've won 5 World Championship titles and been in this sport for 25 years. My long life dream is to see this sport get into the Olympics. I may end up being be a bit too old to compete, but to see armwrestling get recognized as a professional sport, such as in the European countries, would be a dream come true. But my real life long dream comes into play with the health and success of my family.
Why I am the World Champion and the other guy is not:
I live and breath armwrestling and it became my priority, my vacations, my time off, my dedication. If some one trained hard, I trained harder. Iif someone beat me, I trained my weak area to beat him, I over came fear every time I put my arm on the table. But most of all, I had a wife that became by biggest fan and supported every aspect of my armwrestling career and adventures.

The Arm Trainer
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