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Gripstik clamshell vertical


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» GripStik hand exerciser increases grip strength and forearm strength
» Improves your hand strength, wrist stability,and grip power
» Increases your motion and flexibility through specific hand exercises
» Forces a proper warm up prior to your moto or other sports activity
» Reduces the stress caused by repetitive motion
» Aids your physical therapy and hand rehabilitation
» Vary tension from just a bit to more than you need
» No string and weights allows for various wrist exercises
Guaranteed to Increase Holding Power and Forearm Strength
Full Lifetime guarantee..it must work!

Testimonial of the Month:

After using Gripstik for 15 seconds, I thought: "Pffft! What a waste of money!" 30 seconds: "I might be feeling something here..." 45 seconds: "Augghhh!!" 60 seconds: "MOTHER OF MERCY, MY ARMS HAVE TURNED TO PUDDING!!" Needless to say, I had to release the tension to complete the recommended four minutes. What a phenomenal training tool! Follow the directions and you'll easily break a sweat. Expect serious progress with your grip and forearm strength. Gripstik is idiot- proof, well-constructed and very affordable. Highly recommended!
Jason Maier Buffalo, NY